We are looking for wedding planners and those working in the wedding services industry to contribute to Just Wedding Plans to help make it the best online resource for those planning their wedding.

Why Contribute

Just WeddingPlans is a young site growing in popularity every day. If you work in the wedding industry, writing for Just Wedding Plans is the perfect platform in which to get your authoritative voice on the industry heard whilst subtly promoting your services to our readers. The editor may ask your opinion or advice when writing articles in the future which will provide you with further publicity (quote or credit). You can add a few lines about your business or service at the end of your article with a link to your website, and if you are a regular contributor we will mention you on our contributors' page. 

If you are starting out as a lifestyle writer with an interest in the wedding genre, having your work published on an up-and-coming website will look great on your CV. At the end of your article you will be credited, and if you are a regular contributor we will add your profile to our contributors' page. Being a contributor on Just Wedding Plans may lead to future paid work opportunities with us.

Real life stories – if you have recently got married and have story to share whether good or bad we would love to hear from you. Perhaps you had an alternative wedding or unusual theme or venue? 

If you are a wedding photographer and have some photos we could use for articles on JustWeddingPlans please get in touch. In return we will credit you and link to your website. For regular photo contributors we can offer a free advert in our wedding services directory. 

What We Are Looking For

Articles written exclusively for on:

Wedding planning; wedding flowers; wedding cakes; wedding dresses; wedding insurance; getting married abroad; wedding jewellery; wedding venues; wedding food; wedding entertainment; DIY wedding advice, ideas and tips; and honeymoons.

But we are open to your topic suggestions!

What We Are Not Looking For

We won't publish any old rubbish! You have to be able to write objectively and it must be all your own work. Ideas and words must not be copied or replicated.

The article must have been written exclusively for Just Wedding Plans and you cannot then submit the same or adapted article to any other publications.

If you work in the wedding industry you cannot write a piece simply to promote your business/service. Your article must not be biased and it must be interesting for our audience.

How To Contribute

If you have already written an article and would like our editor to consider it for publication on Just Wedding Plans please email it over.

If you would like to write an article for Just Wedding Plans and are open to topic suggestions or want to discuss and idea, please drop our editor a line and provide an example of your work.


Web Writing Tips

Writing for the web is very different to writing for paper publications. Web readers are looking for information which they want to find out quickly as opposed to reading leisurely with a magazine. Generally web articles should be short, snappy and to the point.

Sub titles throughout the article make it easier for the reader to quickly scan for information and it also helps your article come up on the search engines. Including keywords will also help your article be found by those interested in the topic.

If you are unfamiliar with writing for web publications, don't worry because our editor will be happy to adapt it. We can edit articles and source images for contributions.