Wedding Insurance

One very important task to do early on in your wedding planning is to take out wedding insurance just as you would take out insurance for your house or holiday.

It is a personal decision and you may decide not to get wedding insurance, but the additional initial cost could save you a fortune in the long-run if anything was to go wrong. Many wedding planners will not take on a wedding now unless their clients get insurance which shows how widely used it is in the industry.  Typical policies can cost anywhere from £25 - £100 or $50 - $200.
Most big insurance providers offer wedding insurance but there are also niche firms, such as John Lewis Weddings in the UK and WedSafe in the USA.

Wedding Reception Insurance

Basic wedding insurance should protect you if anything goes wrong on, or in the lead up to, your wedding day. This includes to do with the services you purchase, the ceremony and reception.  Most policies will cover you for things like if the venue double books you; the wedding food is not what you ordered; the entertainer/officiant fails to turn up.  Wedding insurance won't protect you if you or your fiance has a change of heart and pulls out of the wedding or for something which you were aware of when you took out the policy. 

Wedding Cancellation Insurance

You can choose a policy which will protect you if you have to cancel your wedding. Reasons for doing this could be unforeseen job responsibilities (i.e. getting called up in the armed forces), illness of you, your fiance or a close family member, the weather – i.e. if a storm prevents your beach wedding or the snow prevents your winter wedding. Although every policy is different and you should check the small print.

Wedding Liability Insurance

Personal Liability as with other additional coverage (below) can be purchased in addition to a standard or as a premium insurance policy.  Personal Liability covers personal injury or property damage caused by accident. This could be that your bridesmaid trips over and injures herself or that one of your guests accidentally breaks something.

Additional Wedding Insurance Coverage

Additional insurance cover may be needed for the following: attire – such as the bride's dress getting damaged; gifts – gifts can be expensive now days and additional coverage can insure against them getting stolen, damaged or lost; photography and videography – for example, this would protect you if the photographer were to accidentally delete your photos or the videographer's film didn't come out.

Wedding Insurance Abroad

If you are getting married abroad you will also need wedding insurance. It is likely to be a different policy to if you were getting married in your home country as it will also have to cover travel complications such as delayed flights and lost baggage which could include expensive wedding attire. Weather is also a potential wedding stopper – an unexpected hurricane could hinder a Caribbean wedding for example. It is reassuring to be insured when having to rely on tour operators and wedding planners for a wedding abroad.

Honeymoon Insurance

Don't forget to get insurance for your honeymoon; afterall, it may be costing you the same as the wedding! While some wedding insurance policies can cover honeymoon insurance, others need to be purchased separately.