Wedding Day Timeline

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Here is a guideline "on the day" timetable for a bride having a traditional wedding with an example ceremony time of 1pm.

8am – 9am

  • It's your big day! Have a shower or indulgent bath to wake you up or relax you.  
  • Enjoy a filling but light breakfast such as cereal with berries or wholemeal toast.

9am – 10am

  • Your bridesmaids arrive.
  • Have your hair done. (Wear something with a wide neck or with a zip/button front so you don't mess your hair up getting changed).

10am – 11am

  • Have a light snack to keep you going if you are feeling peckish.
  • Have your makeup done.
  • Get into your wedding dress with the help of your bridesmaids!

11am – 12pm

  • Photographer arrives.
  • Pre-ceremony photo opportunity time with your bridesmaids and family.
  • The photographer will then head to the ceremony.

12pm – 1pm

  • The groom, best man and ushers will arrive at the ceremony from 1pm.
  • Bridesmaids and mother of the bride will go to the ceremony ahead of the bride.
  • Bride and father will arrive at the ceremony at 12.50pm.

1pm – 2pm

  • The ceremony!

2pm – 3pm

  • Confetti and post-ceremony photo opportunity.
  • Head to evening reception if at a different location.

3pm – 4pm

  • Drinks and canopies at reception venue.
  • Photo opportunity time for newlyweds and bridal party.

4pm  – 6pm

  • The Wedding Breakfast is served. 

6pm  – 7.30pm

  • Speeches, toasts and cake cutting.

7.30pm  – 8pm

  • Evening guests arrive.

8pm – 9pm

  • The disco/music starts and the bride and groom have the first dance.

9pm  – 10pm 

  • Bride and groom may decide to change into going away clothes.
  • Evening buffet is served.


  • Bride and groom start saying their goodbyes to leave the reception.