Role & Duties of Ushers

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The Ushers are picked by the bride and the groom and are often the brothers or friends of the couple; their role is to help the day run smoothly from start to finish. They may need to attend the wedding rehearsal.


4- 6 months before the wedding the Groom and/or Best Man will decide what type of suits they want the Ushers to wear in accordance with theirs; and whether they are going to hire or buy them.

The Bride and Groom will tell the Ushers what the seating plan for the service is; parking arrangements etc. for the big day. The Ushers will need to arrive at least 30 minutes before the guests start arriving in order that they can direct people to their seats.

Wedding Morning and Ceremony

The Ushers may need to collect their buttonholes on the wedding morning and take some for other family members to give them at the ceremony. There may be some other things to take with them to the ceremony or reception venue.

Their main role on the wedding morning will be to welcome guests to the ceremony and show them where to park and sit during the ceremony. They should particularly help the old to their seats, and direct those with babies to the back of the room so they can easily sneak out if the baby gets restless. The Bride and Groom will tell you where they want their guests to sit during the service and which family members need showing to their seats. Generally the Groom's family will sit to the right and the Bride's family to the left of the aisle, both with immediate family first, followed by their friends and the rest of their relatives. Ushers should also make sure everyone has an order of service, if applicable.

Ushers can also assist the photographer and videographer if necessary. After the service, the Ushers should be last to leave the premises and make sure every one has transport to the wedding reception. They should check that the guests have not left anything behind at the church or registry office. The Ushers may need to direct some of the guests to the wedding reception and give them maps, and will ensure that they all know where to park.

Wedding Reception

The Ushers can welcome guests to the wedding reception and take any presents to the designated area. They should help guests find their seats for the wedding breakfast, particularly the elderly. They may be required to hand out drinks, snacks and, later in the day, the wedding cake.

They may help the Best Man decorate the Bride and Groom's going away car. They may return some of the Bride and Groom's hired clothes or equipment after the wedding when they are on honeymoon.