Role & Duties of Chief Bridesmaid

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Being the Chief Bridesmaid means that the Bride may turn to you for advice and moral support in the lead up to the wedding day. She may ask your opinion on anything from the venue, to flower types, to lipstick colour, but the most important thing will be helping her choose her dress. You should also be there to attend fittings of your own and any other Bridesmaids' dresses which you can help her choose; but remember, although it is important that you feel comfortable in what you'll be wearing, ultimately the colour scheme, material and design is her decision!

Perhaps the biggest thing that you will have to do is arrange the hen do. This can be anything she'd enjoy from an evening meal, to a trip to the theatre, or whole weekend away somewhere sunny. It is important to ask her what she'd like to do and whether she wants to make a day, evening or weekend of it; also, don't forget to ask her who she does and doesn't want you to invite! You will need to consider the budget of all the women invited to ensure they can all afford to go. Also, make sure everyone can attend a certain date before finalising that date.

The Chief Bridesmaid may need to attend the wedding rehearsal which is usually held a week or two before the wedding.

Wedding Morning and Ceremony

The Bride may want you to stay with her the night before the wedding if her and the Groom are sleeping in different houses.

On the wedding morning, the bride may want you to help her with her dress, do her makeup, hair and nails if she is not hiring a professional. You will need to make sure that the other Bridesmaids get ready in plenty of time and have their bouquets. You may want to put together a bag for the Bride with essentials in she may need throughout the day such as a nail file, hair brush/hair spray, shine control pads, deodorant, perfume and mints, as well as any makeup products she may wish to refresh.

You are likely to travel to the ceremony ahead of the Bride with the other Bridesmaids and should be waiting to help the Bride out of her vehicle when she arrives. Throughout the service and reception, you must look after the other Bridesmaids if young, any Flower Girls and Page Boys.

At the ceremony you will follow the Bride down the aisle with the other Bridesmaids. Often the Chief Bridesmaid will hold the Bride's bouquet during the ceremony and witness the signing of the marriage certificate, if necessary.

Wedding Breakfast

You should stand with the rest of the wedding party to greet guests at the reception. You should help arrange the gifts as they are given, and generally help where necessary throughout the reception such as distributing champagne and cake.


After the Bride and Groom have had the first dance, often the Chief Bridesmaid will dance with the Best Man and encourage the guests to dance.

The Bride may want you to help her change into her evening/going away outfit and take care of her wedding dress and attire until she returns from honeymoon. If anything has been hired you may need to return it on her behalf, and any of the Bridesmaids' attire, while she is on her honeymoon.