Role & Duties of Best Man

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Being asked to be Best Man is not only an honour, but can be a daunting prospect. One of the first things you will have to do is arrange the Stag Do. This can be anything from an evening at the Groom's local pub to a weekend getaway abroad.  It is not advised to have it too close to the wedding and most Stag parties taking place from two weeks to three months prior to the wedding. Ask the Groom what he wants to do and come up with some suggestions; you should also ask him who he does and doesn't want to invite. You must also consider the budgets of all those invited to ensure everyone the Groom wants there can afford to go. Also, make sure everyone can attend a certain date before booking anything.

The Groom may require your opinion in choosing his and your own suit.

The best man may need to attend the wedding rehearsal which is usually held a week or two before the wedding.

Wedding Morning and Ceremony

On the day you will travel to the ceremony with the groom; he may need your help getting ready that morning. He may also have asked you to collect the suits, button holes of other wedding attire on the wedding morning or days leading up to it; you may also need to arrange the collection of any suits and accessories for the Ushers who traditionally are the Best Man's responsibility. 

You will be responsible for looking after the wedding rings until the vows are exchanged at the service.

You may also be required to arrange the transport for yourself and the Groom; as well as the Ushers to the ceremony. Remember that the Groom should be there about half an hour or so before the Bride so allow for traffic and have some back-up transport arranged should your vehicle not show up!

You should also find out where the Bride and Groom want certain family members to sit during the wedding ceremony and make sure the Ushers know this. During the ceremony you may be required to witness the signing of the marriage certificate. You may also need to assist the photographer and any of the other hired staff to ensure their job goes well for the Bride and Groom.

Wedding Breakfast

You should stand with the rest of the wedding party to greet guests at the reception.

At the wedding reception the Best Man often announces the speeches and the cutting of the cake, if required.  And perhaps your most important role is to give a speech yourself about the Groom; this takes place after the Father Of The Bride and Groom have given their speeches. The length of your speech will depend on what you wish to say but often the Best Man's speech lasts about 5 -10 minutes with a few jokes about the Groom in there. You may also want to use some visual props such as some baby/school pictures of the Groom; at the end of the speech remember to wish the newlyweds well on behalf of yourself and the Bridesmaids.

You should also read out any cards and messages from friends and family who couldn't attend the wedding.


After the Bride and Groom have had the first dance the Best Man will often dance with the Chief Bridesmaid and encourage the guests to dance. Sometimes the Best Man, along with the Ushers, will decorate the Bride and Groom's going away car. When the Bride and Groom leave the reception, usually it is the best man who announces their departure. The Groom's may need you to take his suit away with you, and return that or anything hired while he is on honeymoon.