Picking A Wedding Date

You would think that it would be easy to pick a wedding date but choosing when and where to get married can depend on many factors. If you want some advice about how to pick your wedding date consider the following:


Both you and your partner are likely to have thought about the season in which you'd like to get married. The most popular time of year to get married is the summer, but winter wonderland weddings are increasing in popularity and spring and autumn weddings are appealing for their fresh colour schemes and themes.  


Wedding venues often charge less out of season and for weekday weddings. The date you choose for your wedding will also depend on the availability of the venue of your choice. If the venue is booked up on the day you want, you will have to decide whether getting the venue you like best or married on the date you had in mind is more important. Venues will usually need booking at least a year in advance.

Sentimental Reason

Often couples will choose a time of year which is sentimental or memorable to them for their wedding, this could be the time of year they met or the time of year they had their first holiday. 

If you or your partner's parents or close relatives live or work abroad you may have to choose a wedding date that you know they'll be able to get enough time off work for.


You may have decided upon a season, but the month and year will depend on the timescale you need to organise the wedding and/or save up for it (if you will be paying the majority of it yourselves).

The date you got engaged will also influence this – say it was at Christmas and you've always dreamed of an April wedding, 3 months isn't generally long enough to plan a wedding so you may have to consider getting married later that year or the April of the following year.

Most couples are engaged for at least a year before they tie the knot because the average wedding takes a year to plan.

Family Planning

If you want to start a family soon and don't want to be pregnant at your wedding then you may want to bring the wedding date forward.

Work commitments

Depending on what you and your partner do for a living, there may be certain times of year when it is just impossible to get time off work so work commitments may need to be considered when picking the date.

Wedding / Honeymoon Abroad

If you have your heart set on going somewhere tropical for your honeymoon you will want to make are you don't go in the rainy season so may need to plan your wedding date around this factor, unless you are happy to have your honeymoon later than your wedding.

If you want to get married abroad, you will also need to think about the climate and best time of year to do so.