Role & Duties of Father Of The Bride

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The Bride's father, or someone that the Bride has chosen to fulfil the Father Of The Bride's duties, plays an important role in preparation for and on the wedding day.

Although in the past it was traditional for the Bride's parents to foot the bill for virtually the whole wedding, these days, it depends on each family's circumstances. Of course it is much appreciated if you can pay for something, be it the bride's dress and bouquet, the entertainment or the whole reception, but assisting with the general preparation can be just as important to the Bride and Groom. This may be helping them choose a venue or menu, arranging transport for the day or helping them decorate the venue on the day before the wedding.

On the wedding morning you will travel to the venue with the Bride and walk her down the aisle. You may then travel with the Bride's mother and other members of the wedding party to the reception venue.

The Father Of The Bride traditionally does the first speech at the wedding breakfast. During the speech the Father Of The Bride usually talks about his daughter's character and achievements; makes a few jokes, and thanks those involved with the wedding preparations as well as the Groom for taking her on!

After the Bride and Groom have had the first dance, the Father Of The Bride is often invited to the floor with the Bride's mother and encourages other members of the wedding party to dance.

At the end of the night the Father Of The Bride, along with the Bride's mother and Groom's parents are often the last to leave, ensuring that all the guests leave the venue okay.