Role & Duties of Bridesmaids

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The Bridesmaids are usually the Bride's friends and family members and have been chosen to support her on her big day.

In the months leading up to the wedding the Bridesmaids will be required to go for dress fittings with the Bride and Chief Bridesmaid.

The Bridesmaids usually support and offer advice to the Chief Bridesmaid who arranges the hen do. The hen do could take place months or weeks before the wedding day depending on the bride's preferance.

The Bridesmaids may need to attend the wedding rehearsal which is usually held a week or two before the wedding.

Wedding Morning and Ceremony

The Bridesmaids may stay over with the Bride and Chief Bridesmaid so that they can all get ready together in the morning alternatively they will need to arrive at the Bride's house first thing! On the wedding morning they will get ready and help any younger Bridesmaids. The Chief Bridesmaid will advise them on anything they need to know prior to the ceremony and reception.

They will follow the Chief Bridesmaid down the aisle or at the ceremony and leave with the rest of the wedding party to travel to the reception after the Bride and Groom.

Wedding Reception

The Bridesmaids may be asked to welcome guests to the reception along with the rest of the wedding party.

The Bridesmaids may be required to hand out drinks, refreshments and, later in the day, the wedding cake.

The bridesmaids can help get the party started in the evening by stepping onto the dance floor after the Bride and Groom's first dance.