Choosing a Wedding Cake

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Your wedding cake will be served after the wedding breakfast and before the evening reception. It is more than just a sweet treat as the cutting of the cake is the first task performed jointly as husband and wife. Wedding cakes can also be decorative masterpieces to be admired by your guests.

Wedding Cake Flavours

Usually couples decide on the type of cake they want before how they want it to look. Vanilla sponge with raspberry jam filling and rich fruit cake, both with white icing, are the traditional choices but chocolate is also popular. Chocolate can be dark, milk or white or a mixture of the three. Often chocolate cakes will have a non-chocolate buttercream such as raspberry. Apple and cinnamon, orange, lemon and banana flavoured sponges with a complementary buttercream are also increasing in popularity, as are carrot cakes and cheesecakes. For those without a sweet tooth, cheese tiers with grapes and crackers are often chosen. Cake flavours can be different on each tier which can be interesting for guests who can choose their favourite type.

Wedding Cake Designs

When choosing a design for your wedding cake, think about the style or theme of your wedding. Cake icing can perhaps match your colour scheme and the cake's decoration can complement your table décor such as sugared flowers, ribbons, jewels, beads, frills, butterflies, fruit or silver and gold balls. If your wedding and bridesmaids dresses are simple you may want to choose a smoothly iced elegant cake design whilst if they are highly detailed you may wish to choose a cake with frilly icing decoration.

The amount of tiers you choose will depend on the size of your guest list but three to four are average. If you are having a big wedding then instead of going for more tiers a pre-cut cake can be kept aside in the kitchen.  

Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas

Individual cakes such as cupcakes have been popular in recent years, and macaroons and whoopie pies (two discs of sponge cake with a buttercream filling) are growing in trend. Individual desserts such as profiteroles or cheesecakes are also an idea, particularly good if you are having your “cake” as the dessert. Often individual cakes towers will still have a small whole cake (matching the individual ones) on the top tier so the newlyweds still have something to cut.

Wedding Cake Toppers

Cake toppers really can be made to suit; you needn't go for the traditional bride and groom figurines but instead can pick your own symbol perhaps sugared flowers, lovebirds, feathers, hearts, bows or even your married name.

Booking a Wedding Cake Maker

It is recommended to book a cake maker at least six months before your wedding so that they can schedule you in. If you are looking for a wedding cake maker check out our wedding cake directory.